FREE Lifting Programs

The lifting programs below are completely FREE and you’re welcome to download any or all of them. Please consider making a contribution below to support the site if you find them useful for your training. If not, no problem.



Accessory Plan and Layout for the Bulgarian Method:
Bulgarian Accessory Plan

I used the eBook that can be downloaded here to learn about the Bulgarian Method and understand how to start.
If you want to see more specifically how it’s implemented (and how it worked out for me), check out this playlist.

Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP) Powerlifting Program:
DUP program

Resistance bands Powerlifting Program:
Resistance bands program

Volume-focused block without using the main powerlifting lifts:
Volume Block

Upper body hypertrophy-focused program:
Upper body focus hypertrophy

Upper body focus hypertrophy v.2